Most frequently asked questions


What should be taken into account in selection of the sauna stove?

Exact volume of the sauna room in cubic meters defines primarily the required power of the sauna stove. In addition one should take into account the properties of the sauna room that require additional power, such as possible concrete, tile and glass brick surfaces. One can use as the rule of thumb that 1 m2 of glass or stone surface will add about 1,5 m3 of efficient volume. For instance, if glass door is used, the factual volume should be increased by 1,5 m3

What is the meaning of safety distances?

Safety distance means the distance from the sauna stove surface to any surface of burning material. If proper fire protection lists/protection stones are used, the safety distance mentioned in the table, can be even halved. For safety reasons the safety distance should be always observed. Vuolux Oy has the requisite approval of SGS Fimko for all its electrical sauna stoves!

How Vuolux sauna stove differs from other sauna stoves?

The functional principle of the Vuolux sauna stove is to create really rich and smooth steam at basic temperature of the sauna (about 70 C). This is based on the surface temperature of the vaporizing stones that in normal operation is about 250 - 300 C. This temperature is ideal for creation of enjoyably damp and rich steam that is never a dry hot "peak". Thanks to the specific shape and big amount of soapstones Vuolux sauna stove gives smooth heat even to the lower parts of the sauna - soft steam from head to toes! Vuolux sauna stove is also safe! Because of the heat accumulation, the stove does not heat the sauna up to burning temperature.

How does the Vuolux sauna stove economize electricity?

Consumption of electricity can be calculated on the basis of the sauna stove power, for instance, Vuolux electrical sauna stove with power 6 kW consumes 6 kW/h. At the end of the sauna taking, the stove econimize electricity because of the big accumulating stone mass. It makes it possible to have post-steam during a long time. For the same reason the Vuolux sauna stove also dries effectively the sauna room with sweating shelf without any necessity to have the sauna stove operating for drying!

What is the function of the water collection stones?

All Vuolux sauna stoves are equipped with patented water collection stones that effectively hold water on the hot vaporizing surface and prevent water from flowing to the floor. Thanks to this water will run slowly down from one stone to another and all the water will vaporize into smooth enjoyable steam! Using the water collection stones we have also improved the safety of the sauna, because they prevent hot water splashes. Also the water collection stones equalize the steam from the sauna stove so that it does not burn anybody, who is sitting in the sauna and Vuolux sauna stove is safe to use.